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Bitcoin Magazine Podcast

Feb 23, 2021

This week, Christian sits down with long time Bitcoin podcaster and advocate Anita Posch. Anita is the host of the fantastic Anita Posch show where she highlights the efforts of bitcoiners around the globe especially bitcoiners in Africa and Latam. 

In this episode ck and Anita focus in on new Podcasting technology being built on top of the bitcoin lightning network. Podcasting started as the ultimate way for individuals to broadcast information without corporate influence. It was a medium for the people. Since it's humble beginnings, Podcasting has turned into a cultural phenomena but its has also become corrupted. Current podcasting infrastructure no longer supports the censorship resistant dream of it's origin. Bitcoin looks to be an answer here for creators to cultivate community and monetize directly with p2p cash. 

Listen in to learn more about Anita and the cross roads between bitcoin and the future of podcasting.