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Bitcoin Magazine Podcast

Jun 23, 2020

Our guest this week is Charles Yang, head trader at Genesis Block out of Hong Kong. Genesis Block ( is a leading OTC trading center in Asia, headquartered in Hong Kong and with operations throughout the region and additional physical locations in Thailand and Korea. It also operates the largest network of Bitcoin ATMs in the region, and its founders have their roots and continuing operations in bitcoin mining. As head of trading, Charles oversees Genesis Block’s OTC flows and prop trading strategies and is thus a great source of insight into current market dynamics in Asia. Topics
  • Competitive landscape of OTC business in Asia
  • Arbitrage history for different BTC/fiat pairs and current market dynamics
  • ‘Nuances and risks of the OTC business in specific Asian markets like Thailand and Korea
  • Trends in new customer interest in the region
  • Growth of trading products available
  • Genesis Block’s plans to grow into the next cycle.