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Bitcoin Magazine Podcast

Dec 22, 2020

Happy holidays from the Bitcoin Magazine Podcast team. This week we sat down with Swan Bitcoin employee #3 and Head of Education Brady Swenson aka Citizen Bitcoin. Brady is also the host of one of the best Bitcoin podcasts out there, the Citizen Bitcoin Podcast.
Brady and CK sit down to chat about how Brady navigated his way from bitcoin newbie to prominent podcasts and entrepreneur in the bitcoin ecosystem. Brady encouraged Bitcoin newbies to get involved with the Bitcoin community and tell of how Swan Bitcoin hirers exclusively based off of work they see on Bitcoin Twitter. Every member of Swan's all star team has first built a reputation online int he greater Bitcoin community.
The podcast then takes a more cosmic turn when Ck and Brady start talking about heir favorite subject, the Bitcoin renaissance. Brady see's Bitcoin as the ultimate tool to re-unleash human innovation and free us of our endless toils. Bitcoin is the most powerful narrative in the world, we are just witnesses to its great assent .
Please enjoy this great episode of the Bitcoin Magazine Podcast.