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Bitcoin Magazine Podcast

Oct 5, 2021

Although we mainly talk about the Bitcoin network on this show, developments on other networks can sometimes help push Bitcoin and self-sovereignty to more people.  In this episode we are joined by two people leading the way in this conversation: Diego Gutierrez-Zaldivar, Co-Founder at RSK Labs, and Bruno Calmels, CTO of Defiant Wallet, an RSK-enabled wallet. The RSK blockchain allows for DeFi and smart contracts using Bitcoin, and the Defiant wallet integrates both RSK and Bitcoin into a single wallet. Get to know Diego and Bruno as they talk about their respective missions at RSK and Defiant, explaining how their work overlaps. Throughout this chat, we spend time discussing El Salvador, unpacking the politicization of Bitcoin and the implications of these developments. Ever wonder what the major differences are between various types of money? Diego makes the case for stable coins, sharing how short-term money should be less volatile, while long-term can handle more ups and downs. Our wide-ranging conversation also touches on how Defiant is ensuring that it is an easy platform to use, the state of crypto in the Spanish-speaking world, and pushing crypto mainstream in 2021. Tune in to hear it all!