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Bitcoin Magazine Podcast

Feb 18, 2021

This week on the Bitcoin Magazine podcast, Host Christian Keroles sits down with long time Bitcoiner and cofounder of the RSK Bitcoin Sidechain Diego Gutierrez Zaldivar. RSK has been live on top of Bitcoin since 2018 and has been quietly building a fantastic ecosystem of wallets, Decentralized order-books, Bitcoin backed stablecoins and more. The projects being built on and enabled by RSK have been making an incredible amount of hype in the Bitcoin community and they are all enabled by the RSK sidechain.
RSK is merged mined with Bitcoin and leverages Bitcoin as it's own native currency. Bitcoin has to be pegged into the RSK chain and Diego's team are working on greatly improving the UX and wait time for a trustless peg between BTC and RBTC. We discuss how Bitcoiners can easily and trustlessly peg into the RSK chain and start taking advantage of all the applications built on RSK. There are several user friendly wallets including Edge Wallet that allows for a non technical users to get access to RBTC.
In this interview it is very clear that Diego and his team are true Bitcoiners and are building with Bitcoin's best interest in mind. Because the RSK team is located in Latam and Argentina they have a very close touch with the struggles and needs of the unbanked and underbanked. RSK is building the decentralized infrastructure needed to sustain a financial system completely on blockchains.