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Bitcoin Magazine Podcast

Nov 2, 2020

In this episode of the Bitcoin Magazine podcast, Bitcoin Magazine Technical Editor Aaron van Wirdum speaks with Jim Epstein, Executive Editor at Reason TV. Epstein recently produced a documentary mini series on the Cypherpunks, called Cypherpunks Write Code.

The four-part series chronicles the origins and short history of the group of hackers, cryptographers and activists that in the 1990s coalesced around a shared goal to offer and secure privacy in the digital age. In this podcast, Aaron and Jim consider what made the Cypherpunks such a visionary and influential collective.

With origins tracing back to the 1980s Bay Area, where a small group of computer scientist became known as the High-Tech Hayekians, Bitcoin represents a modern continuation of decades-old technological and ideological insights.

Aaron and Jim also discuss Jim’s recent article published on Reason titled “How Will Bitcoin Lead to More Freedom”, which breaks down an ideological divide within and around the Cypherpunk movement, dating back to their earliest beginnings. They consider whether and how this divide lives on within the broader cryptocurrency and blockchain space to this day.

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