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Bitcoin Magazine Podcast

Dec 8, 2020

This week on the Bitcoin Magazine Podcast, Christian sits down with macro analyst and thinker Lyn Alden to discuss her recent piece titled 7 misconceptions about Bitcoin. In the piece Lyn breaks down what she would consider are the most common misunderstandings or objections to Bitcoin and explains why these are in fact misconceptions that will not negatively impact Bitcoin or the investment thesis into Bitcoin. 

This is an excellent podcast for Bitcoin enthusiasts looking to sharpen up their arguments as well as new entrants into Bitcoin interested in learning why Bitcoin could make sense as a part of a balanced portfolio. This podcast is full of intelligent and articulate ways to defend and explain how and why Bitcoin will continue to increase in usefulness and value. 

Lyn's original article:

We discuss the following topics: 

  • Motivations behind writing the article. 
  • Lyn address, Bitcoin is a Bubble. Look at it in log and the bubble looks more like a pattern. 
  • Lyns Opinion on the Bitcoin Halving. 
  • Lyn likes to discuss things in terms of probabilities. 
  • Bitcoins intrinsic value is zero 
  • Altcoin/fork issue 
  • Bitcoin is too Volatile 
  • Bitcoin is catching on with Gold investors. 
  • Governments will Ban Bitcoin 
  • Bitcoin isn’t Scalable 
  • Bitcoin wastes Energy 
  • Why DCA instead of Trade?