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Bitcoin Magazine Podcast

Aug 30, 2019

In this episode, Bitcoin Magazine staff writer, Vlad Costea talks with Dr Maxim Orlovsky, a neuroscientist turned Bitcoin researcher, engineer and entrepreneur, whose has published the concept for a new 2nd layer Bitcoin Protocol called Storm.

After revealing the project’s GitHub repository and starting an interesting conversation on Reddit, Orlovsky has quickly turned to Bitcoin developers for advice and constructive criticism: More specifically, his proposal was included in the bitcoin-dev mailing list on August 19, 2019, and reputed users like ZmnSCPxj and Stefan Richter have already provided their feedback.

In a nutshell, Storm is about creating a framework which resembles the BitTorrent technology but with the financial incentives of Bitcoin’s second layer. As in the token project, regular node operators don’t have to store any of the data on their hard drives, as participation is voluntary and ad-hoc. Also, according to Orlovsky, the data that gets sent for storage gets divided into multiple pieces for greater security, so that no single entity that offers disk space is able to access the contents. However, those who store data are required to run full Bitcoin and Lightning nodes as a way of guaranteeing the seamless transfer of satoshis.

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