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Bitcoin Magazine Podcast

Dec 15, 2020

Nik Bhatia, famous Bitcoin thinker and economist join's Bitcoin Magazine podcast to discuss the recent corporate bond MicroStrategy issued to buy more Bitcoin. Nik has a deep history in the bond world, Nik explained that this is just the beginning for Bond issuance for Bitcoin purposes emphasizing that corporations can issue bonds for whatever purpose they can justify to investors.

Next, we dive into his new book "Layered Money" which is currently available for preorder. Nik explains how the current monetary system has been built in layers and how Bitcoin is the first new asset that lives completely outside of the current system.

Lastly Nik answers some cosmic questions about the future of money and what a Bitcoin based financial system looks like.


Bitcoin is such a unique asset because it is not a liability on someone else's balance sheet. MSTR buying Bitcoin and what that means for the bond market. People call it speculative attack Nik calls it arbitrage. We can see many types of companies issuing bonds to buy Bitcoins and their reasoning will completely very. Atomic swaps that make all crypto assets interoperable. Bitcoin exists outside the system and that is why we can build on it.

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