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Bitcoin Magazine Podcast

Dec 3, 2020

On this episode of the Bitcoin Magazine Podcast, CK sits down with the team behind the MintGox Lightning-enabled gaming initiatives. Desiree Dickerson of Lightning Labs, plus Simon Cowell and Christian Moss of ZebeDee take turns discussing why Bitcoin and Lightning are such game changers for the future of human commerce in general, and gaming specifically. 

One of the key points of the conversation revolves around how it is necessary for folks to onboard onto Bitcoin without permission, and to onboard directly onto the Lightning Network where they can transact with small amounts. 

As discussed on this episode, the group thinks that micro payments enabled by Lightning opens up a completely new paradigm in the way value and services will be exchanges. 

Lastly, the group covered how the most meaningful activities in the world are being uploaded to the web. It discussed how this really favors both Bitcoin and gaming as the world goes digital. 

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Christian Moss @MandelDuck

Simon Cowell @SECowell

Desiree Dickerson @dickerson_des