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Bitcoin Magazine Podcast

Nov 18, 2019

“As master Yoda says, the future is always in motion.”

-Matti Greenspan

There will always be different takes on the news. Something like China's recent endorsement of blockchain technology might seem bearish for human rights advocates but others might just as easily recognize it as an opportunity for sector growth and, perhaps, investing. For example, what happens if China unbans Bitcoin trading?

Mati Greenspan, the guest on today's show, comes to Bitcoin as a financial asset trader and portfolio manager. That means his thought process comes purely from a trading perspective. And, while Bitcoin plays a large role in Mati's portfolio, he also follows a lot of other types of markets including renewable energies and Biotech.

Dave posed the validity of a few different trading strategies and some of the latest narratives in the news cycle to hear what Matti had to say.

Until recently, Mati was the senior market Analyst for Etoro. Shortly after this interview, Mati announced that he has chosen to leave Etoro to pursue an independent blogging and newsletter project. 


Full disclosure: Etoro is a sponsor of this show, but this interview is not an ad or financial advice.