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Bitcoin Magazine Podcast

Mar 30, 2021

This week for the Bitcoin Magazine podcast, host Christian Keroles sat down with young Bitcoin developer Gloria Zhao to discuss her story and contributions to Bitcoin core. Gloria grew up in the bay area and led the elite Blockchain at Berkeley group at UC Berkeley. Gloria discusses the misaligned incentives for top college developers pulling them toward altcoin and defi projects. Gloria stated that she needed to be in tune with herself and her motivations in order to see Bitcoin Core as a viable and exciting career path.

Gloria's talent was quickly discovered by top Bitcoin contributors and she started as the first fellow of nonprofit Bitcoin development organization, Brink Bitcoin. Gloria is currently working on the very important and thankless work improving the p2p layer between nodes. Her specific projects are called Package Mempool Acceptance. P2P development is incredibly stressful because it is how nodes talk to each other and there is massive opportunity for an attack on Bitcoin. 


We cover the following topics:

Gloria's Bitcoin story

Experience at Cal and Blockchain at Berkeley

Bitcoin v blockchain in education

What is it like learning the technical side of Bitcoin

Advice to young aspiring bitcoin devs

what is package accept or package relay

Gloria's most profound lesson form learning the technical side of  Bitcoin

Follow Gloria on twitter: @glozow

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