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Bitcoin Magazine Podcast

Mar 9, 2021

This week on the Bitcoin Magazine Podcast host Christian Keroles sits down with Eric Wall CIO of Arcane Assets. Eric comes on to the show to walk through some of his qualms with common Bitcoin Narratives. Eric has a strong understanding of Bitcoin and is bullish on the asset but does not think that all of the narratives and talking points around bitcoin are directionally correct or viable.
Eric once asked his twitter following if he was a shitcoiner or a bitcoiner, Peter McCormack responded that Eric was a shitcoiner but a good one. Eric is a well know skeptic and independant thinker in the Bitcoin ecosystem. He has made waves by arguing strongly against stock to flow and in favor of layer 2 constructions in development on Ethereum. Christian and Eric discuss Bitcoin propaganda, scaling, utility and much much more in this fascinating conversation.
Why the S2F chart is misleading.
Eric bearish on Lightning
Eric's investigation into Ethereum based deFi
What don't Bitcoiners get? where is the cognitive dissidence?
Do ethereans get Bitcoin or the history of money.?
Bitcoin's role in definanciliazation.
Find Eric Wall
Twitter: @ercwl