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Bitcoin Magazine Podcast

Feb 2, 2021

This week on the Bitcoin Magazine Podcast, Host Christian Keroles sits down with Anil (@AnilSaidSo on Twitter) to discuss his amazing Bitcoin educational content.
Anil has made a name for himself in the Bitcoin community because of the amazing and simple distillations of very complex and important concepts for understanding Bitcoin. Anil creates amazing Twitter threads, web pages and short ebooks to explain concepts like, Why Bitcoin is Neutral, Bitcoin V the Dollar, Notable Bitcoiners, Explaining the Sovereign Individual, understanding Bitcoin with Mental Models, and much much more.
You can find all of Anil's threads here:
Ck and Anil also go into depth discussing Anil's contribution to Bitcoin Magazine Bitcoin and the Printing Press (released January 8th)
In the article Anil compares the invention of Bitcoin to the invention of the printing press and how both inventions gave power back to the people and took down large and overbearing institutions, ultimately unlocking massive human potential.
"What Johannes Gutenberg and Satoshi Nakamoto gave us were new methods to permissionlessly transport information across time and space, outside the purview of the establishment. This challenges gatekeeper monopolies that are reliant on taxation, incentivizing them to act honestly and provide a valuable service to retain patronage."
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