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Bitcoin Magazine Podcast

Jul 27, 2021

In this Bitcoin Magazine podcast, hosts David Zell and Dylan LeClair sat down with Bitwise CIO Matt Hougan to talk about the elusive bitcoin ETF. At the helm of for more than a decade, Matt knows more about exchange traded funds than just about anyone. Through his years working alongside financial policymakers, Hougan has gained a keen understanding of the regulatory landscape regarding new ETF approvals. In this interview, Matt breaks down the impact an American bitcoin ETF would have on institutional adoption, the differences between this and existing products like Grayscale, and shares his insights on when we may see a bitcoin ETF approved in the U.S. 

ETFs may seem boring, but our interview certainly wasn’t. Hougan shared some wild stats and projections on how a bitcoin ETF would put BTC into the hands of untold millions of Americans, notably older generations and middle-class professionals who rely on financial planners to help them prepare for retirement. This was a conversation you won’t want to miss.

Follow Matt on Twitter: @Matt_Hougan