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Bitcoin Magazine Podcast

May 14, 2019

Welcome back to The Bitcoin Magazine Podcast, your source for all the news, commentary and analysis driving the financial revolution that is Bitcoin.

In today's episode, hosts Dave and Grahm get you caught up on Fidelity and E-Trade's plan to launch crypto trading platforms, the growing number of CoinJoin transactions, the Binance hack and the latest on Bitfinex. After that, they're joined by longtime Bitcoin writer Kyle Torpey to discuss some of his recent articles and what the heck is going on with the @bitcoin account.


Fidelity’s Bitcoin Trading Is Only Weeks Away

Percentage of CoinJoin Bitcoin Transactions Triple Over The Last Year

Bitfinex, Attorney General Legal Sparring Continues With New Court Filings

Binance Hacked for $40M, CEO Backpedals on Recoup Via Block Reorganization


Measuring Decentralization — Paul Sztorc

Bitcoin Is Turning Is Turning Left vs. Right Into Big Data vs. Privacy


@Bitcoin Account

Percentage CoinJoin Bitcoin Transactions Triples Over Past Year


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