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Bitcoin Magazine Podcast

May 20, 2019

Dave and Grahm are back with the latest on news and narratives in the Bitcoin community. News includes Bitcoin's recent price spike, Blockstream's Liquid Securities launch, Microsoft's plan to build on the Bitcoin blockchain, CFTC's crypto whistleblowing rewards and how mainstream retailers are now accepting Bitcoin.

After the news, they talk with Dan Held about the writing process, the quantum narratives surrounding Bitcoin and how it permits social freedom.


Bitcoin Breaks $8000

Blockstream Releases First Enterprise Grade Product

Microsoft Building ID Verification Platform on Bitcoin

CFTC Will Pay You To Report Crypto Scams

Flexa Enables BTC Payments 


Hodlers Are the Revolutionaries

Quantum Narratives


Planting Bitcoin—Season (2/4)

Schrödinger's Cat


Dave Hollerith (@DsHollers)

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