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Bitcoin Magazine Podcast

Dec 9, 2021

"Curiously, neither Vorhees nor Buterin are keen to mention an aspect of Ethereum that is metaphorically labeled as destructive physical violence enshrined in code, known as the “difficulty bomb,” which is designed to override the very free market forces Vorhees espouses.

The difficulty bomb is code that incrementally increases the difficulty level of Ethereum’s proof-of-work mining in order to slowly reduce block production times, until the chain becomes unusable. It was released as a means to force Ethereum’s switch from proof of work to proof of stake."

Join Guy Swann as he narrates Level39's outstanding recent piece in Bitcoin Magazine, titled "The Coercion of Ethereum's Difficulty Bomb". Level39 describes one of the main differences between Bitcoin and Ethereum, in that Ethereum users can be coerced into upgrading their software, meanwhile Bitcoin remains fully backwards compatible and is the only cryptocurrency that truly protects users' rights to their money. 

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