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Bitcoin Magazine Podcast

Dec 24, 2020

In this episode of the Bitcoin Magazine podcast, ck is down with Randy Brito the co founder and CEO of the Locha Mesh project.

Randy is a die hard Bitcoiner who has escape the persecution in Venezuela and is working every day with the mission to make Bitcoin more and more censorship resistant. Randy sees the current internet infrastructure as being a huge attack vector that must be addressed immediately. Locha Mesh is an open source mesh networking project and protocol that is designed to be capable of supporting a global decentralized internet.

Ck and Randy discuss why westerners have been lulled into complacence with their stable yet centralized infrastructure and how the majority of the world desperately needs free, open and private internet especially for Bitcoin. Randy believes that Bitcoin in the catalyst for us to rebuild our entire economy in a more decentralized way but fears the next few years in the battle.

Randy encourages all the listeners to do what they can to support the rebuilding on the internet in a way that is respectful to human rights and freedoms. He chants the rally cry " La Lucha Por La Locha Libre, The Fight For The Freedom Money"

Find Randy on Twitter @randybrito