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Bitcoin Magazine Podcast

Apr 27, 2021

This week on the Bitcoin Magazine podcast, host Christian Keroles sits down with Eric Weiss, CEO of the Bitcoin Investment Group Fund (BIG Fund). Eric was early to Bitcoin and saw its potential as an alternative store of value over the internet immediately! Eric was the person that helped introduce  Michael Saylor of Microstrategy to Bitcoin. Eric and Michael are long time friends and it was finally in the initial fall out of the COVID 19 lockdowns where finally Bitcoin as a money outside of the system started to make more sense to Saylor. 

“Covid was kind of something that made a lot of people question.” - Eric Weiss

Christian and Eric discuss people waking up to Bitcoin, How Bitcoin is actually good for the dollar, Bitcoin exceeding his expectations for 2014, BTC incentives and much much more. 


  • The Bitcoin Investment Group.
  • Bonds to Bitcoin.
  • Buying Bitcoin in 2014.
  • Buying bitcoin vs business risk.
  • Bitcoin’s incentives and game theory.
  • Michael Saylor’s quick onboarding and conviction.
  • Turning data into value

Twitter: @Eric_BIGfund