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Bitcoin Magazine Podcast

Mar 11, 2021

This week for the Bitcoin Magazine Podcast host Christian Keroles sat down with the CEO of OKCoin Hong Fang for a wide ranging conversation about why Bitcoin, onboarding new people, and Hongs personal journey with bitcoin. Since taking over as the CEO of OKCoin, Hong has taken swift action to better adapt the exchange for new user onboarding for for better aligning the exchange and platform with Bitcoin native technology.
OKCoin has taken the lead in adopting Bitcoin layer 2 technology like Lighting and Blockstack and recently made waves for delisting prominent Bitcoin forks (BCH and BSV). Fang describes how these coins in particular where riding off of Bitcoin's coat tails and how most new users where getting confused by them when they were really just looking for BTC the Store of Value. The conversation closes with Hong describing her visions for a Bitcoin future that is more equitable and just for man kind.
Where was Hong professionally when she discovered Bitcoin?
What set her up to understand the problems in society and how Bitcoin addresses them?
Why is Bitcoin not just another crypto asset? What makes it special?
OKCoin's effort to support Bitcoin development
Bitcoin Adoption and OKCoin's role in facilitating that.
Hong's perspective about what a bItcoin future looks like.
Follow Hong on twitter @hfangca