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Bitcoin Magazine Podcast

Oct 27, 2021

"Freedom, transparency, honesty, meritocracy, fairness, voluntaryism and hard work are great things one should strive toward, whether it is in developing money or living life and setting a good example for others. The greatest and most enduring movements in history, be they political, social or religious, have been accompanied by a full PPE stack, and with a full stack as powerful as Bitcoin’s, it is on track to being the greatest movement the world has ever or will ever see."

Join Guy Swann as he narrates Hass McCook's recent article for Bitcoin Magazine, titled "Why You Can't Have a PPE Curriculum Without Bitcoin". McCook details how Bitcoin is an absolutely integral part of modern philosophy, politics, and economics, and makes the case for why it should be included in any curriculum producing the next generation of leaders in these fields.


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